Stereo microscopes

Stereo microscopes (also known as dissecting or low power microscopes) are predominantly used for viewing macro specimens that are opaque. We offer three different options of stereo magnification:

Greenough Stereo: These come with either a fixed or adjustable magnification and consist of two optical paths, which provide a separate image for each eye.
Zoom Stereo: Microscopes with standard magnification of up to 45x
High Resolution Stereo: These come with common main objectives

Whether you’re in research, education or industry, we have suitable stereo microscopes to fit your needs. These work especially well for most kinds of inspection and precision work like watch making, jewellery inspection and construction or even circuit board manufacture.

No matter your price point or level of expertise, Best Scientific can ensure you get the correct stereo microscope. Speak to us and receive expert advice about what device is right for you and your organisation.

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