Compound Microscopes

Compound microscopes (also known as biological microscopes or high power microscopes) are used predominantly for viewing transparent specimens not typically visible to the human eye. These are most often used in laboratories and educational institutions.

We offer three main types of compound microscopes:
Clinical and lab: these are for professional users such as veterinarians, medical professionals and researchers, and usually include ergonomic equipment for sustained operation.

Educational: From young children to graduate students, we offer a range of levels of microscopes no matter what you’re looking for. Our educational tools are great for everyone

Hobby: If you’re interested in microscopes, we’ve got something perfect for you. We offer budget options for the beginner and more advanced options for the more experienced hobbyist.

Compound microscopes are designed for observation from 40x to 1000x magnification. It consists of a two-part system including the lens and the eye piece. Here at Best Scientific, we can ensure you get the right microscope for your needs and answer any queries you may have. Contact us today for advice.

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