More options with Navitar Resolv4k – Fixed Mag & SWIR

01/13/2020 -
More options with Navitar Resolv4k – Fixed Mag & SWIR

First build of the Navitar Resolv4k lens series.

I configured this system to suit the optical properties required by the clients application. They needed transmission between 1200nm and 1700nm, to go with a IR sensitive camera already purchased. I achieved this using the Navitar Resolv4K system, with their lens coating upgrade option for SWIR transmission.

The FOV required was a constant. So it was possible to save cost’s and further preserve transmission efficiency by building in the Resolv4k fixed magnification module, instead of a zoom.

Combined with the right adaptor tubes and supplementary front lens, I configured a system that performed exactly how the user needed it to.

I received delivery in lightning fast time from the manufacturer, even though these upgraded systems are made to order.

This was certainly an interesting project to work on. Please contact me for info on a  vision system configured for your application.