Fixed magnification SWIR system with Mitutoyo lens & IDS camera

12/20/2019 -
Fixed magnification SWIR system with Mitutoyo lens & IDS camera

New  Fixed magnification vision system built for SWIR

The aim was to maximise signal transition in the infra red region. While also providing my client with the high magnification they needed. This was to make sure their field of view and resolution where suitable enough to view their sample successfully.

Starting with the front lens I suggested a Mitutoyo IR objective. This achieved a good balance of working distance (10 mm) but also provided the necessary lens coatings for signal throughput.  Alongside ample magnification and resolution.

Moving up through the system the next part was a basic lower interface for the front lens. I could add in line focusing capability here, but I find at this high magnification, it’s best to introduce focus on the main stand to reduce vibration.

Moving up again I specified a Fusion SWIR tube lens and C-Mount interface for the digital camera. This middle piece of the unit adapts the final magnification and presents the image to the camera accordingly, with no loss of signal.

Lastly the camera. Specified here was a NIR monochrome camera from IDS providing area imaging in the wavelength of interest. Alongside easy integration with free imaging software all connected via a convenient USB interface.

I was very pleased with this system as I was able to get what the client needed and for a reasonable price. Fixed magnification requirement made this easier, but sometimes SWIR systems can spiral out of control cost wise.

Other examples of SWIR systems available to read here and here Please do get in touch with your own requirements for a free consultation.