Retrofit, Change & Adapt microscopy equipment

12/11/2019 -
Retrofit, Change & Adapt microscopy equipment


Working recently with P&G group it was possible to adapt their existing equipment in order to change their equipment capabilities and extend its life.

The client needed to add focusing capability to their existing Mitutoyo VMU microscope which is a neat unit. However, their subject matter was awkward to reach, so needed a variety of movement options to be able to position the microscope correctly. They also required illumination to follow the region of interest that the microscope was inspecting, presenting another challenge.

We added a simple but robust mounting plate to the Mitutoyo microscope and partnered it with an extremely heavy-duty course and fine focusing system, and boom arm stand. This involved a slight adaption of a standard focusing head, but its material and shape provided a stable base for the new mounting plate.

Secondly, we added doughnut adaptors to the objective lens. This was able to hold a ring light with its efficiency matched to the objective working distance. This allowed the user to easily reposition the field of view and the illumination was always in place. Controlling this ring light via a USB link to PC, the client can adjust the focus, position the FOV, and change illumination intensity with no contact of microscope unit. Info on the LED unit mentioned here coming soon.

It was a pleasure to help with this project and if you have similar microscopy retrofit needs, please contact us to discuss them.