Review of Opto imaging modules

09/20/2019 -
Review of Opto imaging modules

Best Scientific have conducted A Review of Opto Imaging Modules  and achieved great results.

​These  imaging modules are a range of integrated “plug and play” imaging devices, featuring an optimised combination of on board cameras, optics, illumination, and software control for the perfect image for virtually any application.

The IM module comes in 3 configurations

  • Linea S (most compact version)
  • Linea M (standard version)
  • Compact M (Right angle version)

In a ever growing portfolio, each orientation is available with different magnification values, resulting in a variety of field of view and working distance options, so it’s easily configurable for specific inspection needs.

Modules are available with or without built in illumination. Coax illumination (for viewing reflective surfaces) or ring light illumination (great for larger FOV work) Or leave illumination out altogether if you have a long working distance and abundant light source.

Camera connection is via USB3 for both power and data transfer, however will still work with other USB ports as is backwards compatible. Just a single cable needed to operate. So going mobile is possible.

Comes complete with software. A straightforward intuitive interface for all camera controls and image enhancements, and illumination. An SDK is also available.

Overall a very positive experience with this fully adaptable system. It’s a step forward for fixed magnification solutions. Fully adaptable, easy to use, robust, and most important of all great imaging quality.

Contact us for more info and Best Scientific will configure this for your application. More info here