Camera Adapters – Digital imaging via microscopes

08/17/2019 -
Camera Adapters – Digital imaging via microscopes

Our sister company Best Scientific Couplers, is pleased to announce the addition of a new full frame camera adapter, to link SLR cameras to most microscopes, to capture digital images of microscopy samples.

This allows users to attach their Full Frame 43.3mm digital chip camera to an even wider range of microscopes than before, Thanks to the new 2.3X reprojected optic most full frame cameras can now be interfaced using the T2 interchangeable camera mount, to fit between the camera face and the 2.3X optic.

If you need to attach your full frame SLR camera to a microscope contact us for information on these and existing Direct projection couplers, to discover the best option for digital imaging through your microscope.

Visit the dedicated camera coupler website to see more